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CommUnity Cleanse

Enjoy a Radical Breakthrough in Your Health Within 60 Days
By Integrating Diet, Lifestyle & Functional Medicine to
Repair & Reset the Root Systems of the Body

Dr. Morcom is a practitioner of Functional Medicine, fusing his background in modern pharmacology with the newest research in herbs, nutrition, mindfulness, and lifestyle medicine. He will be your main guide in a Virtual CommUnity Cleanse designed to reset and transform your health.

If You’re Struggling With Your Weight, Health And Body Pain You’re Not Alone…

  • Are you feeling “stuck” in your current health story and are overwhelmed by all of the information out there?
  • Are you a health warrior who has slipped into unhealthy patterns and is looking for a way to get back on track?
  • Are you in chronic pain — your shoulders are constantly tight or your lower back has a consistent spasm — and have tried everything, but with no results?
  • Are you feeling less productive, foggy, and not able to take decisive action, and turn to food to boost your mood?
  • Have you created some unhealthy habits, especially with the “new normal,” and are desperately looking for ways to cope?
  • Are you at a point where you’re not even sure what food helps you thrive and what food wreaks havoc on your health?

If any of these describe you, know that your struggle ends here.

Not through a fad diet plan, or an extreme fitness program, but by actually addressing the root causes that may be inhibiting your body’s ability to be in true balance.

The Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse
Will Help You Achieve Optimal Health!

  • If you’re overwhelmed by the food choices today and find it hard to stick to good healthy eating — Should I eat carbs? How much protein should I be eating? Is this a healthy snack? Should I be frying with olive oil? — CommUnity can clear up confusion so that you can easily pick the right foods for YOU.
  • If you experience body pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, bloating, gas, or digestive problems,  CommUnity can help address the underlying cause for these issues so that you can feel like your good ol’ self again.
  • If you’re struggling with your health right now and have contended with it for years — even if you tried everything (countless doctor visits, prescription drugs, a number of diets, detox programs, and cleanses) — CommUnity can help you return to optimal, vibrant health.
  • If you are in a mental rut and can’t shake the loneliness of quarantine — virtual hugs aren’t comforting, text messages don’t soothe, Facebook is lame — CommUnity will hold you in virtual connectivity and support you through your rebirth to the best version of you yet.

You might think you’ve got a pretty good immune system, but maybe inside you’re not so sure. A cough, a sneeze, or a headache (which you might have ignored before) might make you panic these days. The Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse is designed to reboot your whole system so that you are confident in your wellness and resilient in your immunity.

Why CommUnity Cleanse Now?

More than ever before, chemicals from all around barrage our bodies. From the pesticides in our foods and the pollutants in our air to the pharmaceutical drugs in our water supply and the plastic residues that are everywhere else, it’s impossible to escape these toxic invaders.

Not only do our bodies need to deal with these external threats surrounding us like soup, we also have to metabolize and excrete the waste products our bodies create internally. These toxins create inflammation in our body and poison our mitochondria, the crucial “energy factories” in every cell of the body.

We need to get all of these toxic substances out.

There is currently an epidemic of gastrointestinal issues on the rise. It’s not surprising that over 74% of the U.S. population experiences digestive symptoms on a regular basis, especially when we consider that our diets tend to be filled with processed sugars, carbs, pesticides, and inflammatory foods. That’s not even mentioning the common medical practice to quickly prescribe anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, and antibiotics like candy, which wreak havoc on our intestinal lining and all of the beneficial microbes that keep things in balance.

So many people unknowingly have rampant overgrowths of bacteria and fungus, causing intestinal malabsorption, damage, and permeability. Keep in mind that 80% of the total inflammation in the body comes from the digestive tract, so this is why all of the other systems are affected so profoundly.

We need to bring balance to our microbiome and restore the function of our guts if we are to live well!

It’s almost impossible to escape a bout or two of fear or panic. This creates a domino effect on the health of the body. Some people are undone by it, can’t sleep, or try to stuff the anxiety out of sight.

It’s okay to feel a flash of panic, but we cannot afford to wallow or linger long in it because it weakens every system of the body, including our already distressed immune systems.

The Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse is a way we can all come together to support each other to do something positive for our health, minds, and lives. NOW IS THE TIME to invest in our own health as a priority so we can be more resilient and better prepared for whatever is ahead of us.

Say Hello to Dr. David Morcom

Practitioner of Functional Medicine who fuses his background in modern pharmacology with the newest research in herbs, nutrition, mindfulness, and lifestyle medicine to optimize health and restore balance in the body.

Dr. David Morcom uses an integrative and holistic approach to understand each patient as a whole and their condition at its root. Dr. David has a wide range of specialties allowing him to understand the body at the biochemical level and the interconnections of the various systems to intelligently guide patients from chronic disease back into optimal health and balance.

Dr. David has a strong passion for brain health and mood imbalances, specializes in dealing with difficult cases of bacterial/fungal overgrowth, and is an expert in the fields of nutrigenomics and genetic analysis.

Even though Dr. David is a master at using a unique blend of advanced diagnostics and intuition to unravel the cascade of variables that have led to disease, he also empowers patients through diet/lifestyle education to be able to maintain their own health going forward.

About the Program

Over a nine-week period, we will integrate diet, lifestyle, and Functional Medicine with movement and stress reduction to optimize health, longevity, and quality of life. We will be choosing a healing diet and an intelligently designed supplement protocol to restore balance to the two most foundational systems of the body: Digestion and Detoxification. In Functional Medicine, we recognize that these systems are the main source of inflammation in the body, so if we can reset them, all the other systems — hormones, immunity, mental health, cardiovascular health — can be strengthened and fall back into balance with ease.

Every week Dr. David and his team will guide you through various systems of the body to provide both the knowledge and practical implementation tools necessary to optimize each system. These sessions will allow for an opportunity for individualization of the Cleanse for each participant. Furthermore, it will provide a better understanding from a bird’s-eye view of what your healing journey may look like and what practical next steps you may need to take even after the cleanse is over.

Be inspired by the newest research into the beautiful complexity and interconnectivity of the human body and learn to be your own healer!

We truly have more tools available to us than ever before. We just need to learn how to use them intelligently in a systematic approach for our benefit.

In addition, each week there is a food-themed workshop on topics like:

Making your own fermented foods

Brewing a wholesome bone broth

Crafting superfood tonics and elixirs

Starting a productive garden

Simple homemade nut “milks” and “cheeses”

Creative recipes to spice up your plate and nourish your body

Based on the environment we live in, it is also important that we explore practices that can be used to relax our minds, connect us more deeply to our most authentic selves, and ground us in gratitude for everything going right already. Thus, each week we will be dipping our toes into various conscious practices like meditation, breathing techniques, gentle movement, and much more.

What Clients Are Saying


Gave me insight to stop relying on medications

“The education and support provided in this cleanse helped me to understand health issues that I had struggled with for years. It gave me insight into root causes and information that I wasn't able to find anywhere else. It gave me practical tools to help me make changes and stop relying on medications that weren’t working.”
— S.M.

Easy to understand and empowering — now I make better decisions that directly improve my health

“A beautiful cornucopia of relevant and pertinent information presented in an easy-to-understand manner, learning more about how our bodies function to make better decisions that affect our health to live a healthy vibrant life. You won’t regret being part of this gathering.”
— Joe Durando

Top-notch education — I feel strong, healthy, less stressed, and happy

“Dr. David explains the science of our biology and how we can take measures to use high-quality foods, medicinal herbs, meditation, and other methods to live in optimal health despite the toxic conditions we are living in these days. Top-notch education, good clean eating, plus a very strategic supplement protocol — I feel like I really cleaned house! I feel strong and healthy, less stressed all around, and happy. The timing to receive this information and these strategies was indeed divine. Thank you so much Dr. David and team for this wonderful program. ‘Every little cell in this body is well.’ 🙂
— Joella

Inspirational and life changing — I feel like a new ME

“The detox program could not have occured at a better time. Being locked in for the pandemic was the best time to make major life changes. The detox program was the perfect opportunity I badly needed to motivate me to go deeper in shedding the old to manifest the new. Everything about the program was inspirational and life-changing. I feel like a new being in better control of my mindless eating. I am more conscious of gut-healthy foods to free myself of digestive issues and feeling uneasy. It truly is worth the time and expense to feel great. I have not felt this alive with vitality and energy for a long time. Thank you Dr. Morcom, Chelsee, and Team.”
— Linda

I am feeling better every day

“The Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse has been such a healing journey for me, and it came just in time. After three months of pandemic quarantine, I had gained weight and gotten into some really unhealthy eating habits. Within days of starting the cleanse, I felt so supported by the nutritious food and the supplements; my brain chemistry felt right and my blood sugar was stabilized. I felt like me again, and am feeling better every day. Functional Medicine is the way to go when you want to get to the root cause of what ails you, and Dr. Morcom and team are such knowledgeable and supportive companions for the journey. The structure of this cleanse of four weeks of gut repair, then four weeks of detox — plus the community support — is the way to go. I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel better without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.”
— Kelly

You will become empowered with the knowledge to heal yourself

“As a nutritionist and a scholar of Functional Medicine, it took me years to find Dr. Morcom and Chelsee. What a team! The offerings were stellar; both educational and food demos and a whole lot of love and connection for everyone involved. I more than highly recommend this format and all that Dr. Morcom and team have to offer. True healing is possible with the correct guidance. You will learn everything about your bodily functions and become empowered with the knowledge to heal yourself!”
— Suzy Karasik, MA, DCN, CIHP

Beautiful and informative program!

“This was such a beautiful and informative program! I loved the community feel and thoughtfulness. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone considering a cleanse and/or learning about how to improve their health!”
— Mary

An awesome experience — I have been following all of his recommendations

“I had considered myself to be pretty healthy overall since I had cut sugar and carbs from my diet, exercised regularly, and took nutritional supplements daily. But when I started experiencing swelling eyelids, extreme hot flashes, poor memory, and a lack of concentration and focus, I decided I wanted to get to the root cause of my issues. I had seen Dr. Morcom on Good Morning Texas explain what functional medicine is, so I called and made an appointment. He ordered extensive lab work that looked at what was going on in my body at a cellular level. He identified some pretty significant bacterial and fungal overgrowth, a genetic defect called MTHFR which slows down the natural detoxification process, and a significant amount of heavy metals. Since identifying these issues I have been following all of his recommendations from detoxification to the gut cleanse and restoration. His Vibrant CommUnity Cleanse was an awesome experience which I highly recommend.”
— Phyllis

What You Get


Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse


Every Wednesday from 6:00–7:00 p.m. Central Time, Dr. Morcom and his team will hold weekly check-in hours that can be used to ask questions, seek encouragement, and allow for individualized support.

Introduction to a Vibrant Life!

HP Banner

Foundations of functional medicine, why restoring digestive health and detoxification are key to optimizing health

Set up for success to be better prepared for the official start the following week.

Week 1: Intro to Functional Medicine and Gastrointestinal Health

Review the practical aspects of the cleanse, including the diet and supplement protocol and how to identify food sensitivities to minimize symptoms.

Explore the many consequences of microbial overgrowth and leaky gut, what causes these in the first place, and how we are going to fix these using the 5R Framework of Gut Restoration.

Week 2: Blood Sugar, Adrenals, and the Stress Response

How stabilizing blood sugar is one of the easiest but most important things we can do for our energy, hormones, stress resilience, and metabolism.

The damaging effects of mental, emotional, and physiological stress and how to reduce it to optimize our sleep and circadian rhythms.

Week 3: Strengthening Our Immune Defenses

How to prime your system to be ready to defend against any kind of pathogenic attack, how a hyper-reactive immune system can lead to inflammation, and how to calm it down to find relief from pain, allergies, brain fog, and autoimmune problems.

Learn about the importance of the lymphatic system and easy lifestyle hacks to stimulate this vital system.

Week 4: Orchestrating Hormonal Harmony

How to take action to stimulate your thyroid and optimize your metabolism and energy.

Dive deeper into male and female hormonal health. How toxic hormone disruptors unbalance the hormones and how to avoid them so you can age gracefully and live your best life.

Week 5: Thriving in a Toxic World

Review Month 2 Detox Protocol: Key steps to safely and effectively detoxifying our body at the cellular level in a safe and comprehensive way.

Environmental contributors to toxicity: what they are, how to avoid them, and how to get them out.

Week 6: Cardiovascular Health and Mitochondrial Metabolism

Learn how cardiovascular disease actually develops and how to use the best of diet and lifestyle medicine to undo the damage.

The truth about cholesterol and how inflammation is the true enemy. Unlock the secrets of mitochondrial energy production for optimal metabolism and vitality.

Week 7: Optimizing Cognition and the Genomic Revolution

Practical guidance on how to curb and reverse mental decline and increase neuroplasticity.

Learn how to use the newest research in Nutrigenomics to individualize the perfect treatment plan just for you, unlocking the secrets of your own genetic code.

Week 8: Mental Health, Bioenergetics, and Emotional Freedom

Learn valuable tools, meditations, and self-management strategies to mitigate anxiety and depression and learn what these symptoms are actually telling you.

How our emotions speak to us and affect our physiology at the most fundamental level and how we can change our life by changing our thoughts, releasing trauma and rewiring our brains.


The educational modules, cooking workshops, meditations, and any supporting material will be posted to our secure educational platform. Once you sign up you will receive an email with your unique login information.


As we learn about all systems of the body, how they connect, and how to improve them, the practical aspect to the cleanse will use the highest quality supplements, carefully chosen to balance the body’s most foundational critical systems and speed up the overall healing process:

Digestive Health

  • The supplement protocol uses the 5R Gut Restoration Framework  to rebalance the gut microbiome and repair the core functions of the G.I. tract.
    • Remove: Taking out the inflammatory foods and killing the overgrowth causing the damage
    • Replace: Increasing digestive fire and enzyme production to properly break down and absorb food
    • Reinoculate: Recolonize the gut with the healthy microbes necessary for a balanced microbiome
    • Repair: Soothe the lining of the gut to heal intestinal permeability and increase absorption
    • Rebalance: Recognize the role of the nervous system, sleep, exercise, and stress management on gut health


  • We will be using advanced liposomal nanoparticle technology with superior bioavailability and absorption to detoxify the body at a cellular level.
  • We will use a “Push-Catch” design, which allows us to safely and effectively escort the toxins out from the tissues, process them in the liver, and bind them to be excreted to prevent reabsorption and side effects.

All supplements necessary to support this process will be included in the Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse fee.

 There will be enough for one month of gut restoration, plus another month of cellular detoxification. This will help ensure the restoration process stays in motion beyond the timeframe you devote to the Cleanse.


This is available only to members of the Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse, and is a place where we can come together to connect, celebrate our successes, share inspiring resources, and receive support from other members when facing obstacles.


Every Wednesday from 6:00–7:00 p.m. Central Time, Dr. Morcom and his team will hold weekly check-in hours that can be used to ask questions, seek encouragement, and allow for individualized support.

Why Order Today

Our intention with the Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse is to be able to provide individualized and detailed guidance to support the deep work necessary to transform your health. Dr. Morcom loves working with individuals one-on-one, but also wants Functional Medicine services to be accessible to more people.

Because of the online format, we are able to offer this cleanse at an extraordinary discount and basically only charge the cost of the supplements themselves. Considering Dr. Morcom’s initial consultation is over $550 alone, this is an incredible opportunity. During these times where there is so much uncertainty, our team is doing our best to create great value for an affordable price. We hope that you will join us!

What You Get


Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse

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Vibrant Life CommUnity Cleanse



What Happens After You Order


You will receive an email confirming your order and a receipt.


You will receive a welcome email with a link to register and access your intake forms for us to understand your current state and what you are looking to address.


We will ship out your supplements.


You will be added to the Facebook Group.


The week before we start, you will be sent tips on how to be best prepared for the healing process on a practical, physical, mental, and emotional level.


You will receive an email with your login information to access the secure educational platform.

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